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JUNE 2014

Our June of 2014 outreach to Bantayan Island, Philippines, to help families rebuild their homes after Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) destroyed them was a terrific SUCCESS!!!  In all, we were able to help rebuild 16 homes for families that were living in temporary shelters patched together from tarps, nylon cord, wire, and debris from their destroyed homes.

Our on-location team consisted of 4 Tear for the Children volunteers, 3 volunteers from Cebu City, 1 Master Carpenter from Cebu City on the payroll and 18 locals from Bantayan Island on the payroll.  As an added benefit, the 18 Bantayan locals we employed received premium salaries, bonuses for achieving our aggressive 16 home goal, and a share of left-over building supplies to work on their own homes after we left. We also held a lottery to give away the extra hammers, saws, tape measures, etc., to the local Carpenters when the work was done.

Outreach Pictures:

   People of Bantayan   House 1   House 2   House 3
   House 4   House 5   House 6   House 7
   House 8   House 9   House 10   House 11
   House 12   House 13   House 14   House 15
   House 16   Team   Miscellaneous

MAY 2014

Yolanda survivors use trash to signal for HELP

"Bantayan Island has been utterly devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan, also known as Yolanda. Reports from government authorities tell us that up to 90% of the existing structures on the island no longer have a roof. Homes and buildings constructed of native materials are completely obliterated. These structures make up the majority of the homes for the poor fishermen who live along the shore of Bantayan Island".  --


In 1 week on May 29th we (my wife and I) will be in flight to the Philippines for our outreach. Bantayan Island is the target where we (with whatever funds we can generate between now and then), will be coordinating with a local Doctor and other local contacts to purchase building supplies, hire local day laborers, and rebuild as many homes as we can while there.

Each home built will cost about $250 USD (11,000 pesos) in supplies.
Each day laborer will cost about $11.36 USD (500 pesos) per day.

Our original goal was to help 5 families by rebuilding their homes. We have collected $70.31 in a direct donation jar that I have promised 100% of will be used to help children in need during this outreach. As you can see, the majority of the funds needed to rebuild these 5 homes is coming out of our own pocket.

Our Doctor contact in Cebu City just informed us that there are now 16 families in the area we will be targeting that are praying that we will be able to help them rebuild. Our personal funds are already paying for all travel, lodging, food, and the rebuilding of the first 5 homes. We simply can't do this on our own. If you have even wanted to make a difference and help a child in need, now is your chance. We need your donations to be able to expand our outreach and answer the prayers of these other 11 families.

Thank you for your time and charity in our relief effort. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding our outreach. I can personally guarantee that 100% of all direct donations will be used to help families in Bantayan. My wife and I are the sole members of Tear for the Children, it's our outreach, and we're going there in person. I will be taking extensive photo and video documentation of our outreach to share our experience with all who are interested in seeing how their donation has helped bring a smile to a child in need on the other side of the world.


Gene Sutay
Tear for the Children, LLC