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House 9 pictures
Bantayan Island Outreach
June of 2014

This is another home owned by one of our carpenters. (Note that carpenters did not get a salary for days when we were working on their home.)  Three children and their very pregnant mother lived here with the carpenter. You might ask why a carpenter needs help with his home? The answer pretty common throughout the island. Salaried work is spotty at best and more often than not, families on Bantayan Island only make enough to live from day-to-day. Nobody has enough extra money coming in to rebuild their homes or even hire carpenters when relief organizations give them building materials.

The house had badly damaged with nipa siding and a nipa roof. We replaced nipa roofing with corrugated tin, repairing and replacing beams as needed. Then we replaced nipa siding with amakan walling, adding more wall framing in several places.