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House 13 pictures
Bantayan Island Outreach
June of 2014

A young man on a motorbike stopped me while I was walking down the road to our current work-in-progress and pointed to this house. It had 4 tall still-intact cinderblock walls but only bamboo poles and torn tarp for a roof. It saddened me greatly that I had to explain to him that we have already over-extended our material budget and taken on more work than our crew of carpenters could handle.

Three generations were living in this home. An elderly women (whom was very ill), her elderly sister, her daughter and several children. A generous donation we received from a kind woman in Kuwait the next day allowed us to re-evaluate , and re-visit this home. We had a new supply of building materials delivered the next morning and our carpenter crew built a new roof frame and deployed new corrugated tin roofing.

The sun was going down when we finished and our full team was on the way back to our base of operations. We took the opportunity to get a group photo of our team and the family living here to close out the day.