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Team Pictures
Bantayan Island Outreach
June of 2014

Our team consisted of Tear for the Children volunteers, local volunteers from Cebu City, and salaried locals that we recruited. We owe Dr. Shari Desquitado and her father, Vicente Desquitado, a large debt of gratitude for being our eyes in Bantayan while we were planning the outreach and for allowing us to turn Bantayan residence into our base of operation. Dr. Shari and her father were cornerstones that greatly contributed to the success of our outreach.

Tear for the Children Volunteers:
Gene Sutay - TFTC Coordinator
Janet Sutay - TFTC Coordinator
Noel "Pit Boss" Gerbolingo - Foreman
Denise Poliquit - Team Member
Elsie Poliquit - Financial Officer

Cebu City Volunteers:
Dr. Shari Desquitado - Local Coordinator
Dr. Valerie Villegas - Team Member
RN. Schenzhen "Sharmzz" Ho - Team Member
Retired Officer Vicente C. Desquitado - Operational Base Host

Salaried Staff:
Tata Casquejo - Master Carpenter
Ruben Torres - Carpenter
Jonie Bayon-on - Carpentry Helper
Medardo Baulita - Carpenter
Noli - Carpenter
Weng Weng - Carpentry Helper
Lando Baulita - Carpentry Helper
Dante Anciano - Carpenter (Beneficiary)
Poloy Baulita - Carpentry Helper (Beneficiary)
Michael Niede - Carpentry Helper (Beneficiary)
Ariel Illustrisimo - Carpentry Helper
Elmer Caramelo - Carpenter (Beneficiary)
Ernie - Carpentry Helper (Beneficiary)
Jojo Baulita - Carpentry Helper
Sam Baulita - Carpentry Helper
Felix Caramelo - Carpentry Helper, Tri-Van driver
Georgie Caramelo - Local Coordinator, Culinary Staff
Mee-an - Culinary Staff
Editha Baulita - Culinary Staff, Master Clothing Whitener