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How We Started

The concept for Tear for the Children was established in 2009. We were looking for a way to give back to the world and we have a soft spot in our hearts for children. Starting an online business that gave %50 of the profit back to the children seemed like a good fit. After a long year of research, planning and development, we've finally opened our virtual doors in February of 2011.

The Present

Tear for the Children, LLC

The Future

It is our hope and dream that Tear for the Children will mature into a major internet presence and a core contributor to children's charities around the world. As we grow in business, our charitable contributions will grow with us. It is my great pleasure to share our progress and news of our contributions with you. Please visit our Suggest a Charity to keep up to monitor our progress and help us select the focus of our next charitable act.

In memory of...

Ryan Bartley, diagnosed with brain cancer at age 11.  Now lost to us, he has shown me the way.